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ADDED: Monday, April 08, 2019
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20 Jun,2019
xxxthyipsclub@gmail.com -> oilnix.com
Attention. Refrain from making deposits to this program. We began to receive messages about account blocking and freezing of funds on accounts. Selected payments. Our withdrawal request was also sent to pending.
20 Jun,2019
xxxynew11@gmail.com -> oilnix.com
Payout from oilnix.com instantly! Received Payment 290.25 USD from oilnix.com. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to my**** from oilnix.com. Great as always! Recommended.
20 Jun,2019
xxxthyipsclub@gmail.com -> oilnix.com
Got paid instantly as usual 09:41 20.06.19 Batch: 267786685 Oil Nix Investments +39.05 Received Payment 39.05 USD Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to besthyipsclub from oilnix.com. Thanks Admin!
20 Jun,2019
xxx.ptc@yandex.com -> oilnix.com
Payment recieved as always. Best choice. +475.00 USD again instantly on my nixmoney wallet. Many thanks to Admin!
20 Jun,2019
xxxptxid@gmail.com -> oilnix.com
Next payout. 09:14 20.06.19 Batch: 267782201 Oil Nix Investments +500.75 Received Payment 500.75 USD Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to ***** from oilnix.com.


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